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A secret to a Healthy Life, traveling a secret to a healthy life

And what better way to introduce it than to talk about why I decided to create this tab, to begin with.??

I am a huge fan of traveling. If you watched my Welcome to Health Lair video in the My Story tab, then you’ve already gotten a bit of an ear full on why I love to travel, but just in case you missed it: I’ve decided to list a few reasons why its not only FUN but its actually even HEALTHY to travel!?

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I’ve always said I’m all about health and wellness and doing things that improve your health and wellbeing right?

So let’s get out brain thinking a bit here… what do you think are some of the benefits of traveling and doing leisure activities? Sure its fun and fun makes you happy… but what else???

… stop and think… that’s right…. Use those brain cells! Why I am asking you to do this? I’ll answer that in a bit so keep reading!!!

Bottom line, traveling, and engaging in leisure activities are great for your mood, your brain, your youth, your work-life, and your health…including cardiovascular health and mental health.?

So let’s get right into all these benefits! And then some ??

1. Stress Reduction

Taking a short vacation of only 4 days can help reduce your work-related stress. It sounds like common sense, but research actually supports it. Even short vacations are important to reduce the bad effects of long-term stress. Remember that your body is equipped to handle stress in small bursts but long-term stress is very harmful to you. It can lead to high blood pressure, which can make you more vulnerable to getting sick because it weakens your immunity.

It can affect your sleep, digestion, and your reproductive system.. even your libido.. all in negative ways. So, taking small vacations to reduce this kind of stress is crucial to your health and wellbeing don’t you think??

2. Recovery and Reduced Exhaustion

This same short vacation can also help you recover and re-energize.? But it turns out that getting out of your usual environment is not actually necessary to recover and reduce your exhaustion.

So what kinds of things can help you recover?? Research shows that going somewhere sunny, or just having some “me time” is great for your get over your exhaustion.? Even making new friends during vacations has shown help you recover! BUT careful… small disclaimer here… getting sick from vacation or during vacation like traveling to different time zones can actually worsen your exhaustion! So remember that next time you’re planning a trip!?

Help yourself stay healthy while on vacation so you can actually recover and not come back needing a vacation from your vacation.. hmm this sounds familiar even to me oops! So how do you maximize your vacation? Plan it out well to reduce the stress caused by the vacation, otherwise, the benefit of the vacation is canceled out.?I hope knowing this will help you actually recover next time you go away on vacation so you can return home ready to take on life by the horns.?

3. Productivitytravel places

When it comes to the benefits in your work after a short vacation, well, you bet your productivity will be higher. It increases your focus and even energy. These are all things that will benefit you. There is nothing better than being productive and full of the energy you need to work at your best.? This is why it been recommended to allow vacation time, even paid vacation time.? Vacations don’t just benefit you; they benefit your work too.? If you were a business owner, wouldn’t you want your staff to be productive, energetic, and focused?

The Harvard Business Review actually released findings showing that taking 11 or more vacation days a year makes you more than 30% more likely to get a raise.? So wait… work less, earn more? Hmm… Now, who likes the sound of that?

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4. Improved Cognition – Brain Protection

Turns out that engaging in leisure activities that engage your mind and brain cells such as puzzles, listening to the radio, reading newspapers, going to the museum, and even playing puzzle games are great for your brain health and cognition!? Those who engage in these activities are at about 50% lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease compared to those who do not engage in these activities.? Why? Well because these things stimulate your brain. Ever heard of “use it or lose it”??So next time you question whether or not you should play a board game or do a puzzle… it should be a no brainer ha! Just do it! Have fun and protect your brain! And when you go on vacation and you’re deciding whether or not to skip the museum… DON’T SKIP IT! GO! Enjoy the history, the art, and absorb that knowledge. Learn something new every day! The more you use that brain the healthier it will be! Something that will become more important to you as the years pass by, just ask your parents, your grandparents, and any other generation that will say something like “my mind just isn’t what it used to be”.? Don’t take your brain for granted.?

5. Heart health

From what you’ve already read above this next thing isn’t so much of a stretch.? If chronic stress can lead to high blood pressure, which is bad for your heart, then it makes sense that by vacationing and reducing that stress… you’re protecting your heart. That’s right! In fact, did you know that frequent vacations in a single year among middle-aged men have been shown to reduce the risk of mortality aka death from heart disease?? So, next time you’re feeling over-stressed.. take a small vacation. It’s all you need to not only recover but also protect your heart. Now if that’s not an excuse for a vacation, I don’t know what is!

6. Better Mood

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Like exercise and eating the right things, doing the right things also improves your mood. Traveling and experiencing the world, learning new things, meeting new people all have been shown to improve your mood.? If it makes you happy, it’s good! Let’s just say that both traveling and doing participating in leisure activities you enjoy not only protect your physical health, but also your mental health by decreasing the symptoms of depression, and elevating your feelings of wellbeing.

Its no wonder we all feel better when we can do the things we love to do, so don’t neglect your hobbies.? They keep you both healthy and happy.

7. Healthy Aging

When it comes to aging and staying healthy, participating in social events is crucial for your wellbeing and even mental health.?? Social interaction later in life actually has been shown to be a benefit when it comes to your mental health and healthy aging.? That’s right, being socially active can reduce symptoms of depression in older adults. What does that mean? An older you should also be a social you because it sets you up to be a happy you. It’s all about you! And YOU should do things that promote your health and wellbeing, whether its salsa night, bingo night, book club or crocket. Even if it’s just hanging out with your friends drinking tea.? Whatever your hobbies are when you are older… do them and enjoy them, because they’re more than just activities. They are ways for you to maintain a healthy life in older adulthood.

In Conclusion:

Your overall health and wellness depend on you taking “me time”, going on vacations to warmer weather. Making sure you get good sleep, not get sick, meet new people, and have new experiences. Great ways to maintain your health in tip-top shape! Let’s not forget that if you WORK A LOT like many of us…. Do what you can NOT to work while on vacation. Working while you’re on vacation has actually been shown to hurt your health and wellness.

Apparently women report higher levels of stress than men.? Admittedly though, men don’t express or cope with stress in the same way women do and so that might play a role in why women report more stress than men.?Regardless of your gender, stress is harmful.? With that in mind! Look for an opening in your schedule, move things around and get those 3-4 much needed Vitamin Sun, “Me Days”, or “family days”.??

The last little thing to know is that research found that including physical activity on any vacation has longer-lasting positive effects after the vacation is over. A small vacation can give you almost 45 days of relief from daily life stressors… and including physical activity can help it last even longer.

So wherever you go, whatever you do, whoever you go with… make you stay active! Even when you’re on a stay-cation. Don’t vacation from your healthy habits like eating right, exercising, getting enough sleep, hydrating, and using sunblock.. just to name a few.??


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  1. My husband and I want to invest in some vacation homes! I didn’t know a short vacation could increase your productivity when you go back to work. That’s something that could help us in the future, so I’ll look for some properties we like!


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