Greece Travel: My Love of Greece & The Beautiful Places

greece travel by dr. vero

Being raised by a pilot turned realtor and an interior designer turned realtor… I was taught early on that it’s always about LOCATION!

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?TRAVELING? is NO DIFFERENT!

acropolis of athens in greece

I have had the privilege to travel to the most beautiful of places; the most famous, the most exotic, and the most inspiring.

I have not been ALL OVER the world… but from what I have seen.. I already have my favorites.?

Today’s location choice:?GREECE.

White and Blue of Santorini in Greece

My love of Greece was sparked early on… IN BOOKS… IN A CLASSROOM!? Greek Mythology stole my heart pretty quickly, and then when I was in high school I was able to visit Athens, Mikonos, and Santorini. It was a dream come true I can’t deny it, and I can’t wait for the day when I get to go back.

Historical place in GreeceThe thing I love about Greece is the history! The mythology! The Mediterranean Diet! HELLO! When I travel I go crazy for food! Good food! And boy did I find it while in Greece.

Let’s talk monumental.. whoops I meant monuments HA!? My favorite of all the temples in Athens was the temple of Poseidon.. the god of the Sea.?Why? Its not just because I love the water.. but the temple was intentionally built to oversee the SEA! At the top of a gorgeous hill.. this stone monument was built.. and all you can see behind it is the gorgeous open waters. The sight was breath taking.? Which is why it was my favorite.

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Fun Fact:? Before this trip, we were reading about Lord Byron, a famous British Poet. And guess whose signature I found on one of the stones on POSEIDON’S TEMPLE? YES!! Lord Byron’s! I snapped a picture and everything! I was very excited. ?Nerd alert I know.

I do that a lot, especially when traveling. That is why I love it! I get to be where these ancient philosophers, writers, musicians, politicians were. You can share a spot with history.. and its an incredible feeling.

beauty of SantoriniBut Athens was not my favorite city in Greece though it may seem so. No… my favorite was and still is Santorini.? Now this is the place I would love to retire to one day. Buy my own white house with blue windows. Overlooking the gorgeous blue ocean.? Walk up and down the narrow steps, winding all around the City, eating delicious Olives and Mediterranean food.?Donkey santorini



My first experience in Santorini has been the root of A LOT of laughter in my family. We still talk about my particular experience up the mountain… on donkey.. all the way to the top where we were finally able to dismount this crazily hilarious animal, walk around the town.. meet extremely sweet people and eat delicious food.

So what is this story? The story we tell as often as we remember it??

Picture it. I was about sixteen years old. First time in Greece. First time in Santorini. I was given a choice:? “Should we go up on the lift or on the donkey”.? Adventurous young me (still adventurous older me) said: DONKEY!?So there we were, my parents and I each mounting our own donkey. Our guide.. on foot, climbed the steps, directing the donkeys from the bottom to the top.?

santorini greece streets

Lets just say.. a person who is deathly afraid of heights like oh I don’t know..ME! Should probably not have chosen the one experience that means looking over an abyss! Down a tall mountain side WITHOUT RAILINGS! On a donkey! Whose hoofs kept slipping and sliding on the muddy gravel ground.


At one point… the donkey got so close to the mountain side (the safe side) that it scratched my leg because it was made up of sharp, rough and dirty stones. ?I instinctively raised my left leg as high as I could… so high… that when my mom’s donkey (that was ahead of me) slipped on the gravel ground…backed into my donkey and towards my toe.. I inadvertently stuck my big toe under its tail and into its butt! And got it full of DONKEY POOP! Yea yea laugh it off!? HILARIOUS! I did NOT think it was funny at the time.

My initial response was disgust and to scream, almost cry! My parents were dying of laughter. The donkey kept getting so close to the mountain that I got scrapes on my legs. I had donkey poop on my big toe and if that was not bad enough.. we were NOT even half way UP. Meaning, I had to keep this donkey poop on my big toe for the whole way up so I could clean up.

Then when I was finally beginning to get over the nastiness that I had on my foot (sort of). A huge group of donkeys were descending down the mountain beside our donkeys, who were ascending.? Bless these not so smart animals.. but my donkey decided.. oh its time to descend! So it made a U-turn and started slipping DOWN the mountain… on the side closest to the deathly abyss! I started freaking out! Screaming. Yelling.. my parents were half laughing half crying half freaking out worried sick (I know 3 halves doesn’t make sense.. you know what I mean).

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The guide RAN DOWN grabbed my donkey and got it back in the ascending line.

My heart was racing! But I was okay! By the time we made it to the top of Santorini, the poop had dried and fallen off.. all I had now was poop ash on my toe which I immediately cleaned off before we walked around the town.?

Needless to say, my adventure UP the mountain to reach Santorini, was one for the books and one I will never forget. One no one has forgotten really.

So lets get to the best part! The food!? Now, I have talked about many kinds of diets but have yet to discuss what a Mediterranean diet is.? The Mediterranean diet is actually very close to vegan.? And you know the benefits of that one because I did a post.. 2 posts actually on the vegan diet.? So check those out if you’re interested.

Santorini traveling

So what is the main difference between the vegan and the Mediterranean?

  • You can eat fish in the Mediterranean diet
  • You should eat lots of fruits, veggies, EVOO (like Rachel Ray would say), OLIVES YAY! Legumes like beans, lentils, chickpeas etc.
  • You still limit dairy, eggs and chicken but can eat them moderately
  • Rarely eat red meat
  • Avoid refined foods, added sugars and processed foods.

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The Mediterranean diet is said to be the most balanced. Hm, maybe I think I was Greek in my old life because this is a diet I can live off of for life! This is the kind of diet I myself follow.. without intentionally doing so.

Mediterranean diet

So what are some of my favorite restaurants on Santorini?? Well… the ones with an ocean view! Because the food ALL over is just scrumptious! But I promise that whenever I go back I will go to every single restaurant and taste a dish! Take a pic and share the name!

restaurants and foods on Santorini

I feel a travel vlog might eventually happen, but only time will tell!

But until the next time I’m in Santorini… I will keep reliving these amazing memories.?

Should I do another post on Greece? Let me know in the comments or request it on my IG: @doctor.vero

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  1. lol thanks! I’m glad my story made you laugh. We still laugh about it at my house.. but when it happened… it definitely was NOT funny.


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