? ? ? ? ?????We all have dreams???

Even children have them. Dreams of becoming like mom or dad, of being a pilot/weatherman/doctor like my nephew lol.. like being a ballerina-food scientist-doctor like my niece.?
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And who are we? But the people who can change the dreams of the kids in our lives.?

You and Me..WE…have little understanding of just how much we can persuade, discourage, motivate and destroy the dreams of our kids.?
When I studied medicine…it as to fulfill a dream of my own! A dream that no one else cultivated in me because I WAS NOT surrounded by doctors.

When I started my blog and youtube channel...it was to fill a who in myself..because I missed talking about medicine and it quickly became a huge source of happiness for me. .
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Little did I know doing these things for myself would motivate and inspire my niece and nephew to do the same.?

My niece started a YouTube video on her travels around the world and my nephew started his channel to document everything in his life! Especially his airplane collection, his basketball, his comedy because let me tell you..this kid cracks me up!?Vloger
Have a dream and pursue it! Because it will inspire younger generations to do the same. Who would have known that in pursuing my own happiness I IGNITED dreams within the kids in my life.?
What dreams have you helped build??



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